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By Carla Bluhm, Ph.D.

ISFEE President

Welcome All,

As the inaugural President of the International Society on Facial Expression of Emotion I would like to welcome you to our emotional world. Our premiere international conference will occur October 9 to 11, 2014 in the lovely location of Porto, Portugal. We are hosted by the state of the art and newly established teaching hospital of the University Fernando Pessoa and Dr. Freitas-Magalhaes, 1st WCFEE President, and Professor of Psychology at the University Fernando Pessoa. It is upon Professor Freitas-Magalhaes’s pioneering work on facial expression of emotion and this World Heritage city that we meet together and craft the face of the future. Increasingly moving beyond our private worlds into the limitless virtual worlds of social media and the Internet we are presented with an endless stream of faces representing the emotional landscape of the world stage. On a more private level we take our “selfies”, tag and untag our faces and the faces of our friends, and scan the faces of strangers with a new kind of intensity. Here, within the International Society we take on the pioneering responsibility to study, research, and deepen our understanding of the information and emotional transfer through this daily electronic journey connecting us to the diversity of the world vis-à-vis faces? We also have the privilege to contribute to already established and highly influential areas of research in faces and emotion, such as, the face in sport, culturally specific facial emotional expression, self and other recognition and misrecognition, first impressions, crime investigation, film, non-human mammals, android, speech pathology and emotion, psychopathic emotional expression, the brain and face connection, mirror images, and perhaps most recently face transplantation. The International Society on the Facial Expression of Emotion invites you to think with us and explore in a scholarly and mindful manner the meaning of a face in a time of facial saturation and medical innovation. We have been given a glorious opportunity to explore the faces of the world, to share our various research projects and knowledge, and to disseminate our findings and proceedings to a global audience. The First World Congress 2014 will include a diverse and interdisciplinary array of scholarship on topics related to facial emotional expression. We anticipate over 100 papers, posters, and workshops to engage many disciplines such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, physical therapy, forensics, social media, speech pathology, and dentistry. Participants are from all around the globe will be representing countries such as Mexico, Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, and throughout continental Europe. Congress keynote speakers are world-renowned experts in their fields and offer perspectives that will appeal to a wide range of interests regarding the face and emotional expression. It will in many ways be a historic event, one that will be enriching and memorable. Join us in our emotional world – we are waiting for you.

June 12, 2014

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